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Barbara Paczkowska MSc .CBT, BSc. (Hons) Psychology

Psychologist & Psychotherapist

Fully Accredited Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist & EMDR Practitioner

(BABCP &  EMDR UK & Ireland) EMDR Consultant in Training / EMDRIA Member

Honours member of The British Psychological Society (BPS)

Clinical Director and Lead Therapist at Select Healthy Mind Ltd. Windsor

Hello, my name is Barbara and I am a psychologist and psychotherapist qualified with many years of study, research and practice in helping clients from both the NHS & private sector. I am fully accredited and registered with numerous professional bodies, including the British Association for Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy as well as EMDR UK & Ireland/EMDR Europe and am also a current member of EMDRIA.

I am the clinical director of the ‘Select Healthy Mind’ team in Windsor who take pride in being able to offer face to face consultations with ‘individually tailored’ therapy sessions on site, that reflect each individual’s distinct personality and needs.

My specialty is the treatment of adults suffering from depression and mood disturbance, anxiety disorders (social phobia, specific phobias), obsessive- compulsive disorder, panic disorders, Autism and Asperger syndrome. I also have extensive experience working with patients who have suffered from complex trauma (PTSD).

Valuing the importance of a therapeutic relationship, I base my relationships with clients on trust and partnership. Drawing on extensive experience I aim to provide a safe and non- judgmental environment where you the client feels acknowledged, listened to and supported. As we are all unique no one type of therapy 'fits' all and I therefore integrate the therapeutic models in which I have been trained to meet your particular individual needs.

About Me

I am a fully qualified and accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (CBT), Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR) Practitioner and ‘Consultant in training.’ I achieved my Masters degree in CBT (MSc. CBT) at the Department of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy at Buckinghamshire University.

My accreditation for CBT is held by the British Association for Cognitive Behavioural and Psychotherapy (BABCP) and I am also fully accredited for EMDR by EMDR. UK & Ireland/ EMDR Europe and a current member of EMDRIA. I hold an Honours Degree in Psychology (BSc. Hons) which I also completed at the University of London.

I am also an Honorary member of The British Psychological Society (BPS).

I continually strive to deepen my knowledge and understanding of current techniques of delivering the best therapy for my clients by participating in numerous training courses and seminars organized by the world's top specialists. My own clinical practice 'Select Healthy Mind' (based in Windsor, Berkshire) is subject to continuous evaluation and supervision.

Previously, I worked for the National Health Service (NHS) as a Senior ‘Hi-Intensity’ Cognitive-Behavioural Therapist and in my time there helped introduce EMDR therapy through my continuing work. I continue to Supervise EMDT therapists within the service and beyond..

My own specialty is the treatment of adults suffering from PTSD, trauma, depression and mood disturbance, I also have great success treating anxiety disorders (G.A.D., social anxiety and specific phobias). My work helps people manage obsessive- compulsive disorder, panic disorders and cope better with autism and asperger syndrome. I have extensive experience working with patients suffering from complex trauma (PTSD) particularly as a result of Childhood trauma.

Training, qualifications & experience


Childhood Trauma

Complex PTSD


Anger management



Bipolar disorder/Manic depression


Chronic fatigue syndrome/ME



Domestic violence

Eating disorders

Emotional abuse

Generalised anxiety disorder



Low self-confidence

Low self-esteem


Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)

Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder

Panic disorder


Physical abuse

Post-traumatic stress disorder (P.T.S.D.)

Postnatal depression

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD)


Separation and divorce

Sexual abuse


Suicidal thoughts


Work-related stress

Some of the issues of therapy I specialise in

Therapies offered

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)

Cognitive therapy

E.M.D.R. Therapy

Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT)

Behavioural therapy

Cognitive Therapy

Group therapy

Psychodynamic therapy

Type of Sessions

Face to Face

(in person at my clinic)

Remotely online: via Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp video

Telephone sessions

Languages offered


8:00am - 8:00pm


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Barbara Paczkowska

Clinical Director &

Lead Therapist

of Select Healthy Mind Ltd.

Psychologist & Psychotherapist

MSc .CBT, BSc. (Hons) Psychology

Fully Accredited Cognitive Behavioural

& EMDR Psychotherapist

(BABCP &  EMDR UK & Ireland)

Honours member of The British Psychological Society (BPS)

EMDR Consultant in Training


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Masters level degree in CBT (MSc. CBT)

from Bucks New University.

The Bucks New University website

Honours degree in Psychology (BSc. Hons)

from Birkbeck University of London.

The Birkbeck U.O.L. website The B.A.B.C.P. website

Full Accredited member of the British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapists (BABCP)

Barbara Paczkowska Membership Number: 110724

EMDR Europe

Barbara Paczkowska

(Full Accreditation)

EMDR Europe website

Image Processing Therapy (ImTT™)

Barbara Paczkowska

Qualified Practitioner

ImTT website

Honours Member Of The

British Psychological Society

The British Psychological Society website

EMDR UK & Ireland

Barbara Paczkowska

(Full Accreditation)

Cert. No: P-12196

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