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Training, qualifications & experience

My interest in psychology began in my teens volunteering, working and helping out within my local community; particularly with those suffering from the serious damaging effects of mental health problems acquired at a relatively early stage in life.

Initially this included the provision of psychological support for women, children and young people with problems ranging from learning difficulties and disabilities to serious mental health issues; it was the latter that I developed my greatest empathy towards and directed my future career.

In the early days, working as a ‘tutor and animator’ in a school, I began teaching students using interactive programs - specifically designed to enrich their knowledge and personality development. Later, I took on a more senior 'leading' role - training others in use of these techniques and supervising new tutors.

I really value my time building up this knowledge and experience working with children and young people throughout the education system and it is within this vocational training that I developed a more keen interest in utilising very specific and ‘creative’ forms of therapy as a beneficial tool for treating and engaging clients in therapeutic practice - particularly the younger ones.

Creative therapy - play-therapy, art-therapy and mainly drama-therapy, has played a major part throughout my training and expertise. I feel it helps me connect with individuals in a more open, understanding way - allowing them freedom to express themselves more openly.

The ‘creative’ aspect of psychology and how applying differing techniques to help those suffering from complex traumas has proven very effective. Through the years drama-therapy interventions have allowed me to provide solid psychological support for children and their parents across the psychological spectrum. My work in this area of alongside tutoring & stage management was even acknowledged in 2016 by gaining a highly respected academic award from Cambridge University. I also use internationally recognised Theraplay® Informed Practice in my work with children and young adolescents.

Early experience included valuable time spent as a psychiatrist assistant - where I first provided professional counselling, working with clients and assisting with administering clinical assessments. Recently I have worked as a 'Step 3' High Intensity (H.I.) Counsellor for Depression within the NHS and currently, alongside my role at Select Healthy Mind Ltd also provide counselling at respected (voluntary) counselling organisations throughout the Berkshire region. I have also acquired very useful practical skills in my experience working as a school counsellor.

I have a Masters of Science Degree in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy completed at the University of Derby as well as a Post Graduate Certificate and Post Graduate Diploma in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy (achieved with merit)

I’m a qualified Level 7 counsellor I also have a Diploma in Counselling Psychology gained from my studies at City Unity College together with a Bachelor Degree from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Patra.

I have the flexibility in being able to offer counselling in three different languages: English, Greek and Polish, and have been commended on my excellent interpersonal skills. I’m proficient both in written and verbal communication and pride myself on the ability to offer a range of information about therapy and pharmacological treatments. I am able to work face to face, telephone or via other media and welcome people of all ages and walks of life to my practice.

As an integrative therapist I am trained in cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), person-centered and attachment theory (psychodynamic). I base my interventions on the transtheoretical model of change (TTM).

My MSc Research and dissertation ‘An exploration of any connections between childhood trauma and schizophrenia and implications for integrative therapeutic practice.’ A thematic literature review.

Areas of counselling/therapy I deal with




Anger management


Asperger's syndrome

Attachment disorder





Carer support

Child related issues


Eating disorders

Low self-confidence

Low self-esteem

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Postnatal depression

Relationship issues





Work-related stress

Therapies offered

Integrative Therapy

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)

Person-centred therapy

Play therapy


Currently unavailable


About Me

Hi, my name is Joanna and I'm an experienced Integrative counsellor/psychotherapist. I specialise in the treatment of children and adolescents but am fully qualified and equally enjoy the interaction and conversation treating and helping adults. My designated position at Select Healthy Mind is currently Consultant Director of Child/Adolescent Services, but my flexibility allows me to work with all ages and roles within the practice which includes Relationship Counselling for couples..

My goal is to provide a friendly, respectful and non- judgemental environment in which clients able to safely explore any issues that they might bring to therapy. I have gained invaluable practical experience from working with people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, having lived and worked a good deal of my life overseas and pride myself on my excellent interpersonal communication skills that help foster a deeply empathic understanding with my clients.

I believe in an open, flexible therapeutic approach and can offer both short and longer term ‘in-depth’ contracts to suit your own specific needs. Primarily I use an Integrative therapy as ‘no one type of therapy fits all’ and this better values your individuality and echoes the ethos and profile ‘Select Healthy Mind’ strives to offer.

As a Registered Member MBACP of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy - I work to their ethical guidelines, and attend regular Supervision and Continuous Professional Development workshops to support my work.


MBACP Registered Member

Joanna Prior

Member: 375807

BACP website

Joanna Prior uses Theraplay®

Informed Practice

in her work with children and young adolescents.

Theraplay website

(C-DBT) Certified Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Professional

(CATP) Certified Depression & Mood Disorder Treatment Professional

(CATP) Certified Family Trauma Professional

(CATP) Certified Personality Disorder Treatment Professional

(CATP) Certified Child and Adolescent Trauma Professional

(CCTP) Certified Clinical Trauma Professional

Diploma in Counselling Psychology from

City Unity College.Athens, Greece.

Msc. In Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy &,

Post Graduate Certificate and Post Graduate Diploma in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy (achieved with merit)

 from University of Derby

The University of Derby website

Bachelor Degree from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Patras.

The University of Patras website The City Unity College website


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Joanna Prior

Msc., BSc., C-DBT, CDMDTP, CCTP I-II, CATP, CFTP, C- PD, Pg.Cert., Pg.Dip., (MBACP)

Consultant Director

of Child/Adolescent Services

to Select Healthy Mind Ltd.

Joanna Prior Integrative Counsellor/Psychotherapist

Msc (Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy), BSc, C-DBT, (Certified Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Professional), CDMDTP Certified Depression & Mood Disorder Treatment Professional, CCTP I-II (Certified Clinical Trauma Professional), CATP (Certified Child and Adolescent Trauma Professional), CFTP (Certified Family Trauma Professional), C-PD (Certified Personality Disorder Treatment Professional) Pg. Cert., Pg. Dip. (Diploma in Counselling Psychology)

MBACP Registered Member no.375807