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Select Healthy Mind Child Therapy

Child therapy is particularly beneficial when psychological or behavioural issues become a concern

Would your son or daughter benefit from discussing their issues with someone who can explain better why they are feeling the way they do?

Just like adults, children also face challenges in their lives from time to time. If they are having persistent trouble with mood or behaviour, then a child psychologist is a good person to talk to. Common reasons for seeking a child psychologist include: anger, temper tantrums, depression, crying, anxiety, self-harm, low self-esteem, facing trauma or grief, communication problems, social exclusion, family break-ups, sleeping difficulties, bed-wetting, eating and food-related problems.

The Select Healthy Mind approach to Child Therapy

Select Healthy Mind therapists aim to explore each child's unique needs and situation to better understand what issues are causing them problems. During assessment a thorough history and background check is made by speaking with the child directly and also by gaining the crucial input and understanding that only their loved ones (be it parents or guardians) can bring. Only then is a treatment plan formulated to help the child move forward more positively. Our therapy is targeted towards treating the individual child within the family system... not to infringe or explore the whole family dynamic.

 At Select we feel it extremely important for parents and guardians to acknowledge 'therapy time' is their child's time... not a time to bring the previous weeks problems along to air or punish the child. The purpose of therapy is to build the child's confidence and independence to know that they will be safe and can cope whatever the situation.

Ensure the wellbeing of your child is properly taken care of

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Issues for Child Therapy